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Application/Letter of Interest/review/interview process is now closed.

The next three families have been selected and we will not be doing any additional reviews at this time. The Process will begin again in fall 2018.  We will keep a list of phone numbers to contact those who put in a letter of interest when we open the process again.  You can always download and turn in a letter of interest at the ReStore, but we will not look at them again until fall 2018.  We encourage you to apply to other Habitat affiliates in the area.  Bay Area Habitat, Houston Habitat, Ft. Bend County Habitat or any other area in which you might want to live.  All affiliates are different so you have to contact them directly if you want to try another affiliate.

Letter of Interest

As part of the new application process, you must first complete a letter of interest.  You are welcome to turn in a letter of interest and we will hold it until the review process begins again in the Fall 2018.  Please bring or mail all letters of interest to: Habitat Pasadena, 1520 South Shaver St., Pasadena, TX 77502.  We hold on to letters for 3 years.  If something changes, such as  phone numbers, e-mails, income, or family size, you must fill out a new letter of interest.  Thank you for your interest in Habitat Pasadena.   If you have questions regarding your letter, please e-mail ed@pasadenahabitat.org or call and leave a voice mail message at 832-539-3946.  Please do not contact the ReStore for  information.  Thank you.

Habitat for Humanity Pasadena is an equal opportunity builder and complies with the Federal Fair Housing Act in the marketing, sale, and purchasing of properties. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for homeownership without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, marital status or gender identity.

Interested in building and buying your own home?
Do you have the commitment necessary to maintain your home?
Are you interested in forming a community with your new neighbors?

Habitat for Humanity Pasadena builds homes in partnership with qualifying low-income partner families and sells the homes at no profit with zero percent interest mortgages. Families work alongside volunteers to construct their own home and the homes of other Habitat families.  Additionally, families are prepared for successful homeownership through homeowner education and budgeting courses.

Homeowership Process

Step 1. Do you qualify? Habitat for Humanity Pasadena is seeking families who demonstrate a need for housing, the ability to pay a mortgage, and a willingness to partner. Please call our office or download the Letter of Interest for more information.

Step 2. Return your Letter of Interest to Habitat for Humanity Pasadena: Our Family Selection Committee evaluates your family’s housing need, ability for responsible home-ownership, and financial stability including credit history, debt, and income.

Step 3. Interview: Our Family Selection Committee schedules interviews in our office and in your home to meet your family and see your living conditions.

Step 4. Approval: Our Family Selection Committee identifies qualified families, and submits them to the Board of Directors for final approval.

Step 5. Sweat Equity and Education: If approved, you will attend homebuyer education classes and 300 hours (minimum) of sweat equity. Sweat equity involves working with family, neighbors, and friends to build Habitat homes including your own.

Step 6. Dedication: Habitat staff, volunteers, and donors who have been with you every step of the way gather with your family and friends to dedicate your new home!

Step 7. Lifetime Partnership: After you move in, partner families are expected to remain engaged with Habitat’s mission by staying in good communication with Habitat, making timely mortgage payments, and assuming an active role in their neighborhoods.

We encourage you to submit your letter of interst!

Letter of Interest (also known as the pre-application)
Download and Complete the Pre-Application (PDF)

Please email or call with any questions.



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